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About Red Pine Creations LLC

Hi There! I am Jean, owner and creator at Red Pine Creations LLC.  After retiring from teaching and moving to Northern WI I started Red Pine Creations as a way to continue to express my creativity.  I have always been a maker with a special love for knitting. One of my favorite things to do is browse a local yarn shop admiring the beautiful colors and feel of the textures.

I wanted to create something useful and unique so I combined my loves for yarn and natural fibers and began experimenting with basket designs.  The first few were flops – literally -floppy baskets! I kept at it until I found a rope that was perfect for creating a sturdy basket. Manila rope now is at the  core of each basket I create.

Overtime my basket designs have evolved and I currently offer 3 different basket types.  My first basket, the Everything Basket got its name because it does just that, holds everything!  It continues to be a popular seller. The Tote Basket is taller than the Everything Basket and great for taller items like notebooks, beach towel or anything else you might need to “tote”.   My most recent addition is the Catch-All Basket, a round little basket that will catch your keys, sunglasses, remotes, and other smaller stuff laying around.

Thank you for taking time to visit my shop.  I am continually adding new designs and colors and would love to make a basket especially for you.

Live your best life,